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libavg is a high-level development platform for media-centric applications.


libavg is great for multitouch development. It supports Win7 Touch, Linux Drivers, TUIO and even the Apple Multitouch Trackpad - in short, all major driver models. It also includes it's own tracker for optical FTIR and DI devices. The libavg event system is fully multitouch-enabled and makes building even complex multitouch applications easy.

libavg allows programmers, media artists and designers to quickly develop media applications. It uses python as scripting language and is written in high-speed C++. The project has been under constant development since it's inception in 2003. Since 2007, development is being sponsored by Archimedes Exhibitions, which uses libavg for it's exhibits.

libavg has a clear and consistent interface and is easy to learn and use. It delivers professional-quality graphics by default. Above all, however, libavg is ''fast''. The C++ core is written with performance in mind, all graphics processing is hardware-accelerated through OpenGL, and GPU Shaders are used to accelerate critical parts like video decoding, compositing and visual effects.

libavg runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It is open source and licensed under the LGPL.


libavg has been used in many artistic and commercial projects - here is a sample. More projects are in the full Showcase.

Medical Education
c-base Scanner
Guards the c-base
Multitouch Pong
The Special Player
Augmented Dancing
Award-Winning MT Game
Multitouch Maps