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h1. libavg is a high-level development platform for media-centric applications.
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<div style='text-align: center; color: #C77101; font-size: 1.5em;'>Multitouch</div>
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libavg is great for [[Multitouch|multitouch development]]. It supports Win7 Touch, Linux Drivers, TUIO and even the Apple Multitouch Trackpad - in short, all major driver models. It also includes it's own tracker for optical FTIR and DI devices. The libavg event system is fully multitouch-enabled and makes building even complex multitouch applications easy.
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libavg allows programmers, media artists and designers to quickly develop media applications. It uses python as scripting language and is written in high-speed C++. The project has been under constant development since it's inception in 2003. Since 2007, development is being sponsored by "Archimedes Exhibitions":, which uses libavg for it's exhibits.
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libavg has a clear and consistent interface and is easy to learn and use. It delivers professional-quality graphics by default. Above all, however, libavg is ''fast''. The C++ core is written with performance in mind, all graphics processing is hardware-accelerated through OpenGL, and GPU Shaders are used to accelerate critical parts like video decoding, compositing and visual effects.
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libavg runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It is open source and licensed under the "LGPL":
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h1. Showcase
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libavg has been used in many artistic and commercial projects - here is a sample. More projects are in the full [[Showcase]].
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_Medical Education_|=.c-base Scanner
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                   _Guards the c-base_|=.Sponc
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                                      _Multitouch Pong_|
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|=.The Special Player
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_Augmented Dancing_|=.Snatch'em
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                   _Award-Winning MT Game_|=.GlobalData
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                                          _Multitouch Maps_|