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This is outdated. [[Contribute| Look here instead]]
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h1. Submitting Enhancements
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If you've got a code change that fixes something or adds a feature, we'd love to see it. Please use the forums for this and work off current svn. Small changes are probably best sent as patch files; for larger ones, we can pull from your git/Mercurial repository - or you can use patches as well.
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h1. Coding Conventions
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Please follow the [[CodingConventions|Coding Conventions]].
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h1. Running the Tests
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libavg contains a number of tests that run automatically and alert the user if anything doesn't work as expected. The tests are actually pretty comprehensive and find a lot of issues that would otherwise slip through the cracks. To run the tests, do a @make check@. The tests that have to do with images will save images for the failing tests in a @resultimages/@ subdirectory. For each failed test, there will be three images: the current result, the expected result, and a diference image - giving you a good clue about what's happening.
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If you add a feature, please add a test (or several) that make sure the feature works. If you fix a bug, then there should often have been a test that finds the bug ;-), and it's appreciated if you add an appropriate test as well. (That also makes the bug reproducible, thus making your fix more likely to be applied).
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h1. Adding Documentation
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If the patch changes the interface of libavg, we need an update to the reference documentation in libavg/sphinxdoc. To build the documentation, you need "Sphinx": installed:
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<pre><code class="shell">
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$ sudo easy_install -U Sphinx
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The docs can be rebuilt by calling
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<pre><code class="shell">
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$ cd libavg
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$ ./
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Note that documentation is ordered alphabetically. This is not enforced by sphinx, so new entries must be inserted in order.
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h1. Checkin Granularity
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We want a clear record of checkins, with each checkin taking care of one issue. Changing several things at once makes things difficult when we're looking for the code change that caused a bug, for instance.