Known Mac Installation Issues

This page details some installation issues on the Mac.

32-Bit Python

libavg is a 64-bit python plugin. Make sure your python is in 64 bit-mode, otherwise you will not be able to load anything. How you can do this is documented on the mac python man page, in the section '64-Bit Support'.

Long (30 Sec) Startup Times

Fontconfig, the library used by freetype (and thus libavg) to manage fonts, builds a cache of font information at ~/.fontconfig. Generating this cache can take about half a minute, depending on the number of fonts you have installed. Usually, this happens only once during the first libavg install, but if libavg can't write to ~/.fontconfig, it'll regenerate the cache information on every run. The solution is to make ~/.fontconfig writeable - for instance, by deleting the directory.