libavg reads several environment variables to control execution.

General variables

Name Description
AVG_DEPLOY Used by AVGApp. Causes fullscreen playback without a mouse cursor.
AVG_LOG_CATEGORIES Controls what internal data is logged to the console. The parameters are described here:

Touch Setup

Name Description
AVG_MULTITOUCH_DRIVER (deprecated in current git) Determines which driver to use for multitouch input. See the reference to Player.enableMultitouch() for a complete explanation.
AVG_ENABLE_TUIO (post-1.8, current git) Enables listening for TUIO touch messages.
AVG_TUIO_PORT The network port to listen to for TUIO touch messages. See the reference to Player.enableMultitouch() for a complete explanation.

Debugging variables

Name Description
AVG_BREAK_ON_IMPORT For use in gdb or similar debuggers: Sets a breakpoint in the player constructor. At this point, all libavg symbols have been loaded and further breakpoints can be set.
AVG_BREAK_ON_ASSERT For use in gdb or similar debuggers: Causes a break into the debugger whenever an assert fails.
AVG_CONSOLE_TEST When running the unit tests, skips all tests that need OpenGL. This allows at least a minimal test suite to run in a text console.
AVG_DUMP_TEST_FRAMES Causes the unit tests to output the current frame number on the console during tests. For tracking down the exact location of test failures.
AVG_WIN_CRASH_SILENTLY Under windows, a libavg crash usually causes a dialog to pop up, alerting the user of the crash and causing the program to hang indefinitely if noone dismisses the dialog. This causes the program to terminate with an error code instead. Useful for installations running unattended.
AVG_ENABLE_GL_ERROR_CHECKS Enables checking for OpenGL errors after every OpenGL call. Useful for finding bugs, but slows execution somewhat.