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h1. Reporting Bugs
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If you've found a bug in libavg, please report it on the bug tracking system. It can be reached in the toolbar above ('View Tickets' and 'New Ticket'). You need to click yourself a site account using the link at the top right of the page. 
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Please report ab bug if you hit a segmentation fault or an assertion, if make check fails on your machine, or if libavg is doing something else that it shouldn't be. If you think you might have found a bug but aren't sure, please ask on the mailing list first. Also, please check the installation guides if you can't get libavg running at all - most causes of installation failures are described in the wiki.
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h1. What to Include
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To find out what is happening, we need to reproduce the bug. In the majority of cases, bug reports don't contain enough information for us to do this.
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We always need to know:
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* The libavg version: Installer, tarball, svn checkout? If svn checkout: which version?
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* The exact program output.
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* If make check terminates without errors. If there are errors in make check, please sent the output of make check. 
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If it's a configuration-related bug (many are), we need to know:
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* What type of system you are running libavg on (OS and exact version, processor, graphics card, driver version).
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* Under Mac OS X, open the System Profiler (About This Mac -> More Info), then choose File -> Save As and RTF file format, or just tell us the version of Mac OS X as well as the model and graphics card of the computer.
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* Under linux, we need to know the distribution (incl. version) and the output of:
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<pre><code class="shell">
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$ uname -a
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$ glxinfo
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h1. Segmentation Faults
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If you're running into a segmentation fault, we need a stack trace:
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<pre><code class="shell">
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 $ gdb python
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 (gdb) r Test.py
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 ./bin/bash: line 4:  4324 Segmentation fault      ${dir}$tst
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 (gdb) bt
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Replace 'Test.py' with whatever libavg program is causing the segfault. If the segfault doesn't happen directly after the 'r Test.py' line, insert a 'c' command (for 'continue'). The 'b' command should then generate your stack trace.