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coder, 16/02/2014 12:19

Backwards Compatibility

This is a log of non-backwards compatible changes and deprecated functionality in libavg from version to version.

Version 1.8

Incompatible Changes

  • The syntax and semantics of node subclassing has changed - see Subclassing for details.
  • RESIZE and QUIT event types have been removed. They weren't functioning anyway.
  • The deprecated python anim framework has been removed. Use the new C++ anim framework instead.
  • The deprecated conradrelais support has been removed. The hardware isn't available anymore.
  • The Grabbable class has been removed. Use gesture.TransformRecognizer instead.
  • Removed deprecated ParPort support. Use pyParallel package instead.
  • Removed deprecated Player.addTracker(). Use enableMultitouch() instead.
  • Removed deprecated and broken PanoImageNode.
  • Removed Player.getTimeSinceLastFrame(). Use Player.getFrameDuration() instead.

Deprecated Functionality

  • Player.get() is deprecated. Use avg.player instead.
  • Node.getParent() is deprecated. Use node.parent instead.
  • Node.setEventHandler(), Node.connectEventHandler(), Node.disconnectEventHandler(). Use publisher interface instead.
  • DivNode.mediadir is deprecated.

Version 1.7 and Previous

See source:trunk/libavg/NEWS.